Jewel Lotus Pose 02 – Digital Download Limited Edition

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This digital artwork features a stunning cyber robot sitting in a serene lotus pose, adorned with beautiful jewels that add a touch of elegance to its futuristic design. This unique piece of art is available as a digital download, allowing you to easily print it out and display it in your home or office. Created with a focus on meditation and spirituality, this digital print is perfect for those looking to add a calming touch to their decor. The sci-fi and abstract elements of the design make it a great fit for modern and contemporary spaces as well.

Additional information

Pixel Size

8192 × 8192

AI Generator

Mid journey

Digital Download Yes


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Vendor: Owndigiart

Welcome to my digital art shop! Here you'll find a unique collection of fantasy, futuristic, Afro and contemporary designs. One-of-a-kind, From soaring galaxy to vibrant Afrocentric art, my digital prints will add a touch of imagination and wonder to any room. Perfect for any sci-fi or fantasy , or anyone looking to add some colour and creativity to their home or office. Thank you for stopping by!

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Artsi, LLC © 2023. All Rights Reserved.