Modernism In Catalonia II

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Featuring a vibrant young girl with strong ties to the Catalonian region. The piece exudes warmth and vibrancy, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture of Catalonia. Captures the spirit and energy of Catalonia in a fresh and exciting way. It is sure to be a coveted piece for collectors and art enthusiasts alike, with its combination of tradition, modernity, and undeniable beauty.

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Vendor: Marçal Strömin ART

Marçal Strömin is a talented digital artist, born in Sweden and raised in Barcelona. He has always been fascinated by the interplay between technology and art, and has dedicated his career to exploring the possibilities of digital media. AI generated art has been the perfect way to combine technology and humanity.

His inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including ancient cultural traditions from Sweden and Catalonia.

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Artsi, LLC © 2023. All Rights Reserved.