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All Lustre prints ordered will be mounted on a sturdy foam board, and ready to hang in a blink of an eye. Trust me on this one, these foam board Lustre mounted prints will look so awesome when hanged on your wall, they really do 😉

So what exactly is a Lustre print ?

Lustre photo paper is a hybrid of glossy and matte prints. This finish provides the benefits of both styles. It delivers bright colors, yet, it is not as shiny as glossy paper.

Lustre paper comes with a semi-gloss that doesn’t reflect light too much. It is closer to a matte finish than the glossy paper.

There is no doubt why it is a favorite of photographers. Lustre photos have vivid colors, sharp details, and rich color saturation.

The lustre finish also looks stunning with black and white images. It delivers deep blacks and smooth tones.

Another benefit of this photo paper ? It is not prone to fingerprints. Like matte photos, you can handle it without concern.

Lustre paper also comes with a slight texture that gives a professional look to the photographs.

I give you my word that you won’t be disappointed.

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Vendor: Project Symbioses

Project Symbioses is a collaboration between my 20yrs + professional photography library, my imagination and artistic skills combined with Artificial Intelligence.

This new artistic tool has given me the opportunity to create creations from my creations and beyond. Since AI is evolving in quite a fast pace, it makes it all more exciting of what will be available for us artists in the coming days, months, years.

I welcome you to my store of colors, fantasy and magic. Historical events and famous world landmarks. Wildlife, abstract, sci-fi and whatever tickles my imagination.

I'll be updating my store frequently as it goes along so make sure to visit more than once :-)

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Artsi, LLC © 2024. All Rights Reserved.