The Floating World at Night

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Nightly revelry in Edo’s Floating World—lantern-lit streets, vibrant festivities, and a touch of moonlit mystique.

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Experience the vibrant allure of Edo’s nighttime as ukiyo-e art comes alive in this enchanting print. Lantern-lit streets of the entertainment district teem with activity, portraying geishas, samurais, and townspeople immersed in merriment. Soft moonlight bathes the scene, casting an air of intrigue and fascination. Allow yourself to be transported to the magical world of the Floating World at Night, where laughter, music, and dance harmonize under a starlit sky.
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Production Details:
– Artistic Style: Ukiyo-e
– Medium: Traditional woodblock printing
– Colors: Vibrant hues and subtle tones
– Composition: Busy streets of the entertainment district, adorned with lanterns
– Main Subjects: Geishas, samurais, and townspeople engaging in merriment
– Atmosphere: Nighttime ambiance with soft moonlight
– Technique: Delicate brushstrokes and intricate details
– Print Size: Standard ukiyo-e print dimensions
– Printing Process: Traditional woodblock carving and printing techniques
– Signature: Artist’s signature in a corner or within the artwork
– Edition: Limited edition, numbered prints
– Authenticity: Certificate of authenticity provided
– Framing: Optional framing available upon request
– Release Date: To be determined
– Availability: Available for purchase through galleries or online platforms

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