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THE LION OF JUDAH by Behold Studios

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LION OF JUDAH by Behold Studios ART BIBLICAL INSPIRATION: Revelation 5:5 Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.” 🎨 Discover the Beauty of Connection 🌟 Indulge in the vibrant embrace of colors with this exquisite, one-of-a-kind digital masterpiece. Let its enchanting beauty serve as a gentle reminder – an invitation to cherish those close to your heart, to nurture bonds that flourish in togetherness. Immerse yourself in the artistry of every meticulously placed stroke, a canvas woven with boundless inspiration and unwavering passion. Pastor Jedidiah’s devotion shines through, meticulously curating each detail to breathe life into this magnificent portrait. It captures a timeless slice of biblical history, preserving its essence for generations to come. Crafted using the pinnacle of technology, an advanced AI software, this artwork stands as a testament to innovation. With the precision of 300 dpi, every nuance is etched in stunning clarity, ensuring that its radiance endures. As you acquire this treasure, you’re welcomed into a world of possibilities. An instant download grants you access to a high-resolution PNG, perfect for adorning your space. From canvas to frame, this artwork seamlessly adapts, inviting you to explore various dimensions. Our commitment to excellence resonates in every pixel. The result? Mesmerizing, large-scale visuals that radiate life. The flexibility of resizing empowers you to dream boldly, with no limits to where your imagination can take you. Transform your surroundings with ease – print at home or tap into the expertise of local and online printing services. Expand your horizons even further through print-on-demand, where your chosen image adorns an array of unique products, adding an artistic touch to every facet of your life. In your hands lies more than an image; it’s a portal to shared experiences, emotions, and stories. To preserve the authenticity of your investment, we embed a digital code – a shield against imitation and a testament to our unwavering dedication. Elevate your space, honor your connections, and embrace the art of togetherness. Welcome to BEHOLD STUDIOS, where art transcends boundaries and resonates with the warmth of human connections. 🌟 Join us in celebrating the beauty of life’s moments! 🎨

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THE LION OF JUDAH by Behold Studios

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Vendor: Behold Studios

Company: dba Behold Studios

"Discover the Prophetic Strokes: BEHOLD Studios - Your Window to Remarkable Art"

"Step into the sacred world of BEHOLD Studios, where art echoes the biblical call to 'behold.' With 'be sure to see' as our guiding light, we've crafted an art sanctuary infused with divine inspiration. Marvel at creations inspired by heavenly scenes and timeless passages. From the heart of Northeast Georgia's mountains, Pastor Jedidiah Gaines weaves faith into every brushstroke. Immerse yourself in art that calls out, 'Don't miss this!' Join us in cherishing and preserving the incredible through generations."

BEHOLD Studios, remarkable art, divine inspiration, biblical insight, Pastor Jedidiah Wayne Gaines, Northeast Georgia, prophetic strokes, artistic sanctuary, timeless passages, cherish art, don't miss this, creative preservation, heavenly scenes, faith-infused art, window to creativity.

BEHOLD Studios is inspired by a very unique word in the Bible. What is the biblical meaning of behold? It is to: "be sure to see!"

'Behold' is used 1,298 times in the King James version of the Bible. It is derived from the Greek word 'eido,' which has the literal translation of: "be sure to see." — "don't miss this." It further means to see or observe (a thing or person, especially a remarkable or impressive one).

The Behold commitment is to always be diligent to go above and beyond expectations in bringing to life creative, inspired, one of a kind art masterpieces that will mesmerize, tantalize, and immortalize the inspired creative content that is provided to us by our Creator.

A large part of our art will focus on bring to life scenes out of the Word of God that have either never been rendered, or are outdated and need a fresh wind of inspiration breathed into what the text and the location are sharing. We will also delve into heavenly things, things to come, inspirational messages, art within art as our principle focus.

Our secondary but equally inspiring content will focus on people in worship, in everyday life, nature, the beauty earthly places that God has given to us, as well as the people who can inspire us all to do and be greater people.

We have chosen to not run with the masses of artist who frequent crowded platforms frankly not because we cannot compete, but rather we create all of our art in a state of worship and praise, in our studio in the Northeast Georgia mountains surrounded by nature, waterfalls, 4 seasons views and that source location is the way we have chosen to live and that translates over into our presence on Artsi.

We own all of the creative rights to all of the art that we create with no attributions to anyone, and full commercial rights, and outright copyright and ownership of everything we are inspired to create.

You, our loyal customers, are very important to us and we also have you in mind and heart as we create art of the caliber and creativity that you will love, desire to purchase and to display in your home, office, RV, studios, or on your electronic devices, or any and all applications that you can dream up.

Come, BEHOLD, "Don't miss this!" the "remarkable" "Incredible" art at BEHOLD Studios...

To learn more about Pastor Jedidiah and his work as President of CrownLife International you can visit his personal site at: as well as the international non profit ministry website that he leads as Pastor, Missionary and President at

The Behold Studios Shop is fully independent and separate from the non profit ministry that Pastor Jedidiah leads as it is a personal means of ministry support generation that he has created to help support himself in international ministry and to bless those who will love, cherish, purchase and make current and generational use of the art that he creates. The Bible encourages us all "to work with our hands" even if we are in fulltime ministry and the great Apostle Paul showed us this in action as he received support for ministry at times and then at other times worked with his own hands to create tangible things that he sold so that he could be empowered with support and finances to do even greater things. Your purchases result in personal finances that help enable and empower Pastor Jedidiah in his lifelong calling.

Meet Pastor Jedidiah Wayne Gaines - a dynamic blend of missionary, pastor, author, teacher, and the driving force behind CrownLife International Inc. a 3 decades old 501(c)(3) non profit international mission and ministry. As a dedicated lifelong missionary, he has carried his passion to nations far and wide. Tune into his uplifting program "Living Faithfully," which beams across Spanish-speaking realms through television, radio and social media, spreading the message of Jesus Christ to millions. Nestled in Cleveland, Georgia, Pastor Jedidiah and his wife Rosemary share a joyful life with their three sons, a cherished daughter-in-law, and three adorable grandchildren.

Often the art that he is inspired to create derives its roots from far away lands and scenes that few have witnessed, or beheld. His lifetime work traveling to diverse cultures, nations and continents, as well as leading ministries, responding to natural disasters and teaching the Bible since age 16 have given him keen insights into heavenly things by the grace of God.

Google his books on and many other platforms and stores (I have given you AUTHORITY and nothing shall harm you) (Revival Observed and Hope for Tomorrow) as well as a new book coming out this Fall of 2023 entitled, "How To Fight The Good Fight!" - It's not over yet! A book aimed at young people ages 14 to 30's and beyond!

Be on the lookout for "PJ Music" also as Pastor Jedidiah is writing and producing unique and powerful worship music in both the English and Spanish languages. Our first releases will drop soon on Spotify, Amazon Music and other platforms. (Post production and copyright formalities) Our first song is entitled: "Divine Fire Warriors" and our second song is entitled, "Melodies of Grace." Both have English and Spanish versions. The first song was inspired by Pastor Jedidiah's newest book coming out this Fall and is a companion worship song that is set to impact young people all over the world and those who are young at heart.

For the history of his life and ministry read at this link as well:

Let it all be for the glory of God! Come, BEHOLD, "Don't miss this!" the "remarkable" "Incredible" art at BEHOLD Studios...

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