Young male June with flowers and fruits


This vibrant artwork features a young male figure amidst a profusion of blooming flowers and ripe fruits. Bathed in warm light, he holds a bouquet of diverse blossoms, while an array of juicy fruits surrounds him. The composition celebrates the harmony between humanity and nature, inviting viewers to appreciate the abundance and joy of the season.

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This captivating artwork titled “Young Male June with Flowers and Fruits” portrays a striking composition of vibrant colors and natural elements. At the center of the piece stands a youthful male figure, exuding an aura of vitality and innocence. Dressed in light summer attire, he is surrounded by an abundance of blooming flowers and luscious fruits, showcasing the abundance of the season. The young man’s face is illuminated by a warm, golden light, highlighting his serene expression and the joyous atmosphere that permeates the artwork. His hands delicately hold a bouquet of various blossoms, their petals radiating hues ranging from deep crimson to soft pastels, signifying the diversity and beauty of nature’s offerings. Surrounding the central figure, an array of fruits adds a burst of color and richness to the scene. Juicy peaches, succulent berries, and ripe citrus fruits are meticulously placed, creating a delightful tapestry of shapes and textures. The interplay of the figure, flowers, and fruits evokes a sense of harmony and unity between humanity and the natural world. The overall composition is characterized by its skillful use of light and shadow, enhancing the depth and three-dimensionality of the artwork. The artist’s meticulous attention to detail and masterful brushwork breathe life into every element, captivating viewers and inviting them to immerse themselves in the bountiful spirit of the season.

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Vendor: angelisart


Born in Athens, Greece. Studied Graphic Arts & Music
Working as a graphic designer since the early ’90s.
Live in Mykonos island. Passionate about art, traveling, culture, and constant evolution.
Hobbies: philosophy, astronomy, music, photography, movies, sci-fi, arts, high horology.

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