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Vendor: Duke Vega Artwork

“Ai with a human touch”.

Situated in the heart of Wales, Duke generates collaborative AI art to fuel the imagination.

His work is driven by his personal passion for aesthetic and tech coming together to create something totally unique, creating visual art that’s not only pleasing, but also makes a bold statement. He believes that being creative is something that one is born to do, and has continued to study through practical experience, adding his own personality to Asian style influences.

A new journey has begun.
Using AI for inspiration and as a foundation to his artwork, he is now free to explore styles he never considered before, bringing creativity to a new level. He coins the phrase "Ai with a human touch", meaning he begins each piece by painting in-depth descriptions in collaboration with the AI. From these descriptions, an infinite number of potential pieces are generated.

Once a piece is selected, Duke applies a variety of digital techniques by hand to bring the composition to life, creating a unique image where aesthetics and technology collide. The results have a voice of their own, all infused with emotion that will leave you with more than just a nice image.

The new creative era has already begun. Decorate your home or workspace with our revolutionary AI Art and own a piece of the future, today. Thank you for your support.

Address: 5 Maesywern Rd Glanamman, Ammanford, SA18 1HJ


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